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Actionable Fashion: 3 Show-Stealing Ways to Rock Tartan

by Danisha LaShae

Tartan, known by most as plaid, is a trend that can be a hit or miss for some. This pattern has definitely evolved over the years and is no longer exclusively associated with a lumberjack or a Scotsman. After scouring the Internet and looking for tartan clothing that can be staple pieces in your wardrobe, I have come to the conclusion that tartan may be my go to trend this season. This pattern is versatile and effortless. I’ve composed three outfits that compliment the trend. Enjoy. 🙂


1. Tartan Shirt


tartan outfit for a girl's night out

(View the separates on my Polyvore)

This first look is a glamorous but edgy look for a girl’s night out. Tucking the tartan button up into the skort (yes, skorts are officially back in style) adds glamour by creating a crisp and cleaner look. The gold accessories and military-style heeled boots add the edge, and the trench coat adds a relaxed nuance.


2. Tartan Skirt


feminine tartan outfit with crop top

(View the separates on my Polyvore)

I decided to play with two different patterns and textures for this look. The tartan skater skirt’s draping look paired with a subtle lace crop top gives off a feminine vibe, perfect for any body type. The burgundy motorcycle blazer compliments the skirt’s forest green color and pulls the outfit together.


3. Tartan Leather Jacket


edgy outfit with leather-tartan jacket

(View the separates on my Polyvore)

Ironically, this chill and relaxed look is for the bold and bodacious. Leather jackets are one of the trendiest pieces for fall, but the tartan sleeves makes this basic leather jacket stand out in a crowd. I paired it with a pair of boyfriend style distressed jeans and black booties. For accessories, add an infinity scarf, sunglasses, bold bracelets, and a red lip color, and you are officially untouchable.

(This look is my personal favorite.)


Tartan’s fun and adaptable, so don’t be afraid to play around with it. Ease into it by pairing it with basics, then once you’re comfortable, try pairing it with other patterns, but keep the accessories minimal and simple.


What’s your favorite way to wear tartan?



Danisha Lashae close-upAbout the Author:

Hi, my name is Danisha Lashae, and I’m the face of www.lawabidingfashion.com. I’m a girl from a small town living out big dreams with a passion for law and fashion, with a Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology. While on this life journey, I express my emotions through fashion, mixing colors diving headfirst into trends. Do I abide by the laws of fashion? Never. Guilty as charged. But who wants to be boring? I’ve joined forces with Over The Top Photography as a wardrobe stylist, and also have participated in a couple of photo shoots as well.
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