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What Not to Wear: Curvy Celeb Fashion Dont’s

by Donna Reid

I love being fashionable, but I’ve had my “Oh no, she didn’t!” fashion moments, aka fashion “faux pas”. Fortunately no one really cares when I have my unfashionable moments, but celebrities get blasted on every social media site as they were in MSN’s Wonderwall slideshows. In honor of yesterday’s Halloween horror, here are four fashion fails from some of the most watched stars.


Mindy Kaling

actress Mindy Kaling in a multi-color floral dress

courtesy of Getty Images North America

Mindy Kaling’s ensemble shouts “busy” and would have worked if the prints were in the same color family.


Star Jones

Star Jones in a mustard trim sea green print dress with a dark chocolate faux fur vest

courtesy of GG/Fame Flynet

Separately, the clothing worn by Star Jones would be appropriate, but together, it is one big mess. This outfit makes her look larger than she is.


Reality star JWoww

reality star JWoww in a black leather lace-up top with pink skirt

courtesy of JE1/WENN

JWoww isn’t your typical plus-size, but she’s curvy. Her top looks ill-fitting and cuts her body in half.



Reality star Snooki in parachute pants

courtesy of Bill Davilla

Curvy divas, repeat after me: parachute pants are not our friends. It looks good on the mannequin, but it makes you look larger than you are. Stay far from them.


Have you ever had any unfashionable moments? Do share.



headshot of Donna Reid -- ForeverserenityAbout the Author:

Donna (aka Foreverserenity) is a wife, mother of three, and grandmother of one. She loves to write and blogs about fashion, lifestyle, her fitness quest, culture, poetry, and music. She’s on Twitter as @foreverserenity, has over 50 boards on Pinterest, and blogs at d-foreverserenity.com, fabulouslycurvy.blogspot.com and serenitybeginnersprose.blogspot.com. She considers herself to be an independent thinker, living randomly in life’s moments.



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