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Actionable Fashion: 3 Ways to Bring Coco Chanel’s Runway Elegance to Your Closet

by Danisha Williams

“In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different.”
-Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel is a brand that’ll never go out of style. It exudes elegance and class, and can spruce up any outfit through a jewelry piece, handbag, or even one of the signature fragrances. For today’s runway inspired look, I turned runway elegance into everyday glam wear. Why can’t the average girl be fashionable and functional all at the same time?


Inspiration #1

hooded all-white Coco Chanel ensemble

Source: Style.com


Inspired Outfit:

Danisha Lashae's custom white ensemble

Created via Polyvore

If you didn’t know, I am not one to follow the laws of fashion. I pretty much threw the “don’t wear white after labor day” rule out of the window. Personally, I think wearing all white during the winter season is so classy and chic; it livens up the dreary winter weather. Just make sure to bundle up if you live in a windy city.


Inspiration #2

pink leather coat with plaid lining and off-white outfit

Source: Style.com



Inspired Outfit:

Danisha Lashae's custom pink leather jacket and plaid ensemble

Created via Polyvore


This Coco Chanel jacket is so intriguing (especially in pink!). What really caught my eye is the plaid interior. From a distance the pink leather can come off as looking cheap, but the plaid paired with the white shift dress detours the cheap look. The plaid adds liveliness and fun to the outfit.


Inspiration #3

Coco Chanel all-red runway skirt ensemble

Source: Style.com



Inspired Outfit:

Danisha Lashae's custom Coco Chanel-inspired red ensemble

Created via Polyvore

You know I always save the best for last. Red is a powerful color to wear. Although I am not a fan of red, I might have to put my opinion aside and try this outfit out. It is 100% daring and out there. The pearls help give off that feminine look and the white shoes create a crisp look that pulls the outfit together.


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Danisha Lashae close-upAbout the Author:

Hi, my name is Danisha Lashae, and I’m the face of www.lawabidingfashion.com. I’m a girl from a small town living out big dreams with a passion for law and fashion, with a Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology. While on this life journey, I express my emotions through fashion, mixing colors diving headfirst into trends. Do I abide by the laws of fashion? Never. Guilty as charged. But who wants to be boring? I’ve joined forces with Over The Top Photography as a wardrobe stylist, and also have participated in a couple of photo shoots as well.



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