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Celebrity Spotlight on Christian Rivera

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Christian Rivera is a multi-talented Latin American who has experience across almost all dimensions of the entertainment industry. He was born October 14th, 1983 in Cidra, Puerto Rico. He is a Model, Singer, Actor, Host, Radio Personality, and doesn’t plan to stop there. He was first put into modeling by his mother Hilda Rivera at only a month old as the in Puerto Rico. By about age 7, Christian’s interest turned toward radio shows through his mother’s work as a popular radio personality in the New England area. Growing up with music constantly around him, he began the artistry of singing. Christian listened to a lot of Luther Vandross and Whitney Houston, who were both huge inspirations to him through their art, charitable work, and his ability to relate to their songs and how they told stories when they’d perform. In his teenage years, he took singing courses and worked with different local productions up north, working as a dancer or singer or helping out backstage for Disney and Broadway material. Christian picked up modeling again at age 21. At the time he was in medical school, but he knew he belonged in the entertainment industry. It took him a year of hard work and perseverance, but he was finally called back by 19 different modeling agencies. Among them were two of the world’s most renowned agencies. A few years later Christian took the risk and quit his corporate job at Harvard Medical Boston Children’s Hospital in pursuit of following his dreams. “In this industry, you get one chance to jump on the train or they’re going to leave without you. I decided to jump in full throttle and quit my corporate job. Otherwise, it may not had happened again.” From there, Christian moved down to Florida, and has been able to book modeling, acting and singing jobs consistently since then.

Despite Christian’s rising success, following his dreams did not come easy. For a period of time, he struggled to afford food and had to stay at friends’ houses because he did not have a home himself. “Many people are afraid to sacrifice and to take a chance like I did, to leave my full-time job to go hungry.” However, the hard times didn’t stop him from striving for success—he refused to give up. Christian was determined to find success in a creative field he loved instead of spending the same amount of time working towards a stable “corporate America” job that he knew he wouldn’t be happy in. His hard work, motivation, and strength are why he relates with Fierce Entertainment Management. “The fact that they have the word Fierce and that there’s a lion, speaks volumes and explains how courage exists in you and you have to be brave and strong like a lion, to be a leader. I’ve learned in life that although you should always be a team player, you should never count on anyone but yourself. No one has a greater interest in watching you succeed, but yourself. It is your dream and you have to protect it, nurture it and go after it.”. He has been highly involved in Fierce Entertainment Management, walking the runway for Orlando International Fashion Week and soon to be a guest star judge for Fashion E.D.G.E in April. Because of his past, Christian especially appreciates working with Fierce Entertainment with such a diverse demographic, not just racially, but all ages and even people who have disabilities. He strives to motivate others to conquer their fear that often stands in the way of success. “As my mentors at Truthful Acting taught me. The biggest killer of people’s dreams is fear… and I have dominated not being fearful. I owe my success to that and of course foremost God for his continuous blessings and my guardian angel, my Father Gil Alberto Rivera whose last words were, “Go after your dreams, be great and don’t let anyone stand in the way.”. May he Rest In Peace”.

christian rivera movieChristian’s success has spread to many realms of his life. He’s been and is working on several movies and TV series as Principal roles such as Blurred Lines (Highly anticipated to take home awards), Hit Women, Room 236, Last Rites: Return of Sebastian Vasilis and many more. Christian has made public appearances on reality and talk shows and has worked on large Television productions. He also has acted for theatrical stage plays such as Anna In The Tropics at the prestigious Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center directed by Kenneth Brown from Cultural Fusion. A performance that has been pivotal in his career.christian rivera anna in the tropics stage playHe has been in commercials and on several major and local channels both nationwide and internationally. He also has hosted festivals, such as World’s Guinness Largest Multicultural Festival in the city of Kissimmee, FL. He is also the main host and spokesman for Florida Victory Productions, a nonprofit organization that assists families with economical needs. Christian holds every memory and experience close to his heart. A particularly special moment in Christian’s life was when he was 22 years old and got to perform in front of 20,000 people with the Hartford Symphony Orchestra in Connecticut. He sang the national anthem on a beautiful stage, with the entire 145+ members of the orchestra. That memory is so special to Christian, because he was actually the first Hispanic in his hometown to perform the national anthem with the Hartford Symphony Orchestra. It was a very big deal and proud moment for everybody, especially for the Latino community.

christian rivera el sexi boi kq 93Christian loves what he does as a radio personality currently with KQ 93.7 FM Variety in Music as “Chris El Sexy Boy” as it brings back good memories from his childhood. However, acting, singing, and modeling are the three things that he loves to do most. Through these creative outlets he says he is able to interpret life and connect with people in different ways. “There’s no order for those three, but they all allow me to be me. It is the most important thing to be the honest me—to be the different parts of me that people might not always get to see, because in this industry you kind of have to always present yourself a certain way, but I love being the real me. I think people know what you see is what you get with me and I always remain that way through fashion and through art.” With acting, Christian appreciates that he is able to take his own life experiences and those of others and apply them to the different roles he plays to touch people through a story. He feels the same way about fashion and modeling. Through fashion, Christian is able to find confidence and to express himself and his every moment in his timeline. He has always loved trying out different styles to express his attitude and mood on a day-to-day basis. He takes this mentality from the moment he steps out on the streets all the way to the red carpet. He always loves to add at least one piece to make him stand out and to express his personality. “All you have to do is humbly love yourself for who you are. Confidence will kick in, then you can really pull anything off. Just stay grounded”.

Currently, Christian is super excited about his new album that he has been taking his time with. “[The album] is overwhelming at times, I sometimes feel that I’m very much in a dream. I sometimes find myself in a daze trying to catch up with my head, trying to see if this is all real. I want it to be right. I want it to be me.” He wrote and released his first single You Took My Breath Away back in October of 2014 and he describes now being able to do a full-on production as a dream come true. He’s been collaborating with several Grammy award-winning producers. Christian is also working with a live band on his album, adding a Spanish flavor to his music. His intentions are to appeal equally to both cultures and to embrace his Latino side just as much as his American upbringing. “I definitely want to do a bilingual project that appeals to all crowds and embraces who I am—I don’t want anybody to feel left out ever, but no need to worry… I’m sure there is more.” Christian has been working with industry professionals out of New York, Florida and Puerto Rico to get his album recorded. He is exceptionally grateful for the supportive people he has in this process, particularly the maestro he is working with. Christian’s vocal talents, heritage, life experiences, and humility will be sure to shine through in his album.

Christian has conquered almost every artistic field, but plans to expand his talents even further. “There’s several goals that I want to accomplish. You have nothing to lose in life, except for life itself if you don’t try the unknown.” In addition to the album he is working on, Neiman Marcus will soon dress Christian for a spread in Lapalme Magazine, an internationally distributed print magazine concentrated on elevated lifestyle, which will hit stores internationally soon. Within the next year, Christian hopes to produce, write and direct his first full feature film. Additionally, in the next few years, he hopes to have his own fashion line. Christian calls himself an entrepreneur in this industry in that sense. His ultimate goal, however, is to do more in charity and hopefully even create his own organization. “I’m very much a humanitarian and I love giving back to people.” Christian’s motivation comes from his 5 year old son, Christian Rael Rivera Jr., his life experiences and the people that he interacts with on a day-to-day basis. He plans to continue working hard, helping others, and always stay true to himself. When he talks about his goal in future years in film, he remarked that “…my goal is to live through my work by creating realistic and relatable life that will hold over the hearts of generations to come…”
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  1. Amber March 8, 2016 Reply

    I have been following this guy since we first met on a set when he first dove into this industry. I have always kept an eye on him, because I knew he was going to blow up (in a good way) and fast! There is something about him. He is obviously easy on the eyes, but aside from that he is such a down to earth guy… a total sweetheart. I can’t wait to see what else he has in store! <3 I melt for him every time! He really is talented and not just good looking. He is so much more than a triple threat! Thanks for sharing this! 🙂

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