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7 Ways to Add Color to Your Wardrobe


7 ways to add color to your wardrobe sounds like a task more than an enjoyable experience for those who are apart of the notorious neutralism movement. Maybe you love color but scared to try it, or you have no idea how to stop blending in with your work area and need to break free but don’t know where to start. Adding color to your everyday style could not be more easy with these helpful tips that I am sure will transform how you look at colors, patterns, and other go-to items.

According to Forbes, you have only seven seconds to make a good impression, the moment you make contact with a stranger more than a thousand “mental bots” are analyzing you from top to bottom. With that in mind, if you only have milli-seconds to convince someone to take you seriously, why is it that so many individuals take zero time to invest in clothing that will speak volumes? You may not be a CEO but that still shouldn’t be advertised. It’s not about dressing to impress but dress what you are worth.

Color respectively is linked to the mind, body, emotions, and they relate to the essential balance of our everyday lives, so why is your closet limited to all neutrals?

Don’t fret my cubicle friends, help is here. Check out these 7 tips of ways to add color to your wardrobe.

1. Grab A Bright Handbag or Clutch



2. Invest in Solid Bottoms


Investing in solid bottoms will work in your favor because it will allow you to be more versatile with your tops. Some individuals do not like bright tops but they will wear bright bottoms. You can always pair your vibrant bottoms with contrast tops that will create balance and uniformity.




 3. Patterns, Prints, and Texture Oh My!


Patterns and prints should be widely used in your wardrobe. They add variety and dimension to any outfit and they are fun to mix and match.


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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Best-African-Print-Dress-Designs-2014-0012

Mixing prints can be intimidating to most and to others plan loco. Most women find this new trend to be confusing or tacky ONLY because they do not know how to successfully mix patterns that compliment each other as well as the body. Look out for a future a post that  details how to mix prints easily.


4. Accent With a Scarf and/or Jewelry


Adding a scarf to a quite simple ensemble adds depth and texture without much effort. When used as an accessory and/or statement piece it cuts down on time for anyone with a up-and-go lifestyle.


Statement necklaces are great go-to items when you do not have a lot of time to put together a boom-pow presentation. I love them


Oversized scares will never go out of style. They’re comfortable and very trendy but especially they can add color without overwhelming your look.






Colorful neck candy go well with neutrals and basic styles. I love color blocked jewelry because it allows you to have multiple color families within one silhouette. Hope this helps! Don’t stay in neutral ladies!