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Actionable Fashion: 2 Versatile Ways to Work Leopard at Work

by Danisha LaShae

Leopard is one of those prints that you either love or totally hate; one that can even be intimidating. However, the beauty of it is it comes in various sizes. You can either be bold with leopard print clothing or dainty with leopard accessories. I’ve put together two office-appropriate outfits styled around leopard that are suitable for different aspects of a professional business career.


Outfit 1: Casual Friday

Denim Jacket: Old Navy/ Tank: F21/ Midi Skirt: Zara/ Heels: Steve Madden/ Clutch: Thrifted/ Midi Rings & Earrings: Aldo Accessories / Sunnies: Ralph Lauren


Danisha Lashae in a leopard print midi pencil skirt, white printed tee, denim jacket with cuffed sleeves, and metallic basic stiletto sandals for casual Friday

At my job, we’re allowed to be casual on Wednesdays and Fridays (hence this fun little getup).


Since leopard can be an intimidating pattern, I downplayed it with a basic tee and denim jacket. To keep it more hip and stylish, I wore it with a pair of metallic basic sandals.

What’s great about this outfit is it can take you from the office to a night out with the girls. To make it sexier for that night out, try swapping the denim jacket with a cropped burgundy moto jacket, roll the skirt up, and add a killer pair of black booties. Pow, you’ve just become instant eye candy. Thank me later!


Outfit 2: Monday Meetings


Leopard print Monday meeting custom ensemble created by Danisha Lashae

Clothing items can be found on Polyvore


Every professional job has either a weekly or monthly meeting. Either way, you need to go into that meeting thinking and looking like you are the head boss lady in charge. To play up the leopard blouse, pair it with a figure hugging (but not too tight, you don’t want to come off as being inappropriate) pencil skirt.

To add more shape to the ensemble, pair it with a pencil skirt with a peplum style. The peplum artfully contrasts a shapeless blouse. In the interest of balance, pair the outfit with neutrals and subtle accessories. You want to be the focus, but not obnoxious.

After a long day of meetings and conference calls, you’ll want to go out and vent with the girls over dinner or maybe have a nice romantic date with your beau. To transition this look, make sure you have a tube of deep red lipstick in your purse. Tie your hair up in a sleek bun, add a staple necklace, and a clutch. Pow.

Try not to turn too many heads when you walk in the restaurant, and make sure you have a napkin to catch your beau’s drool. Again, you can thank me later!


I hope you find inspiration in your own closet to pull these outfits off (or at least one of them). Remember, any pattern can be work-appropriate; just make sure it a) isn’t overpowering, and b) expresses your personality.

If you’ve put a professional leopard print ensemble together, snap a photo of you wearing it and share it with us on Facebook! We’ll gladly show you off. 😉



Casual Friday outfit photo taken by D.L.W. courtesy of Danisha Lashae’s Law Abiding Fashion blog.



Danisha Lashae close-upAbout the Author:

Hi, my name is Danisha Lashae, and I’m the face of www.lawabidingfashion.com. I’m a girl from a small town living out big dreams with a passion for law and fashion, with a Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology. While on this life journey, I express my emotions through fashion, mixing colors diving headfirst into trends. Do I abide by the laws of fashion? Never. Guilty as charged. But who wants to be boring? I’ve joined forces with Over The Top Photography as a wardrobe stylist, and also have participated in a couple of photo shoots as well.



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