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Want Eye-Stealing Bold Style for Fall 2013? Go Punk!

Written by: Alexis A. Ansley

Punk-inspired fashions dominate this season’s runway style. Studs, spikes, leather, tartans; you name it, it was showcased. Versace, Chanel, Jeremy Scott and more were all inspired by the rebellious nature of punk fashion. It was even the theme of this year’s Met Gala and celebrities took the red carpet with daring punk-inspired pieces.


woman on Versace runway in punk attire

Versace, Fall 2013


Punk Goes Way Back

Punk fashion is no newbie to the runways. In fact, the current wave is a rebirth of the revolution brought about in the 70’s. The birth of high fashion Punk emerged with Vivienne Westwood. Born in 1941, Westwood has become one of the most adored British fashion designers in the world. She took an underground style trend and made it a statement on the runways. She began her fashion career in 1971 and has since continued to express ideas of eccentricity and rebellion in her fashion, all of which are essential elements of Punk.


Vivienne Westwood and two other punk fashion models in the 70's

Westwood is pictured here (right) wearing one of her classic punk looks in the 1970’s.

Since its emergence on high fashion runways, punk fashion has bled into the mainstream, most notably in the 80’s and early 90’s with pieces like the leather jackets, tartan bottoms, heavy metal accessories and distressed clothing. The ideas of individuality and rebellion supported by the punk culture are what made punk fashion such a widespread movement.

In today’s fashion world, punk has made a comeback and many are combining their personal style with elements of punk fashion. Incorporating this trend into your wardrobe is a must for the fall season.


6 Simple Tips to Get the Look

  1. Hair-raising: Be bold and step out with unconventional “bed head” locks or spice it up by going for a modern Mohawk. For a more daring look, you can also use colored clip-in hair extensions that provide the look without the commitment.
  2. Get distressed: Distressed clothing items, especially eye-catching t-shirts are punk style essentials. Dress it down with ripped jeans and Converse sneakers or make it more evening fab coupling distressed jeans and leopard pumps with a leather jacket.
  3. More is more: Don’t be afraid to accessorize. Layering your metal jewelry is an easy way to make a statement. Studs and spikes are definitely welcome.
  4. Play up your eyes: A smoldering black eye can bring together your entire look. Line your lower and upper lash lines with a smoldering black eye pencil for a dramatic effect.
  5. Leather is an essential: Leather is yet another punk essential that is easy to wear. Grab your favorite leather jacket or opt for a fitted leather skirt for a more modern twist. Leather is on trend for this fall no matter how you chose to rock it.
  6. Tartan print: Vivienne Westwood used tartan fabrics in a number of her punk pieces. Incorporate the idea of tartan fabric into your look by way of plaid shirts, skirts or blazers.


Punk fashion can be as impromptu or chic as you make it. It’s all about making it work with what you have and making it fit your personal style. All you need is the right attitude. Go punk this season!


Versace photo: source

Vivienne Westwood photo: source


Alexis Ansley is a Central Florida fashion blogger, fashion consultant and co-founder of Lex&Pooch Styling Co. An avid enthusiast for all things vintage, Alexis has made a name for herself by uniquely combining vintage and contemporary styles within her personal fashion choices and while styling clients. Alexis is a member of the Independent Fashion Bloggers (IFB) community and work towards bringing fresh and unique fashions to the forefront of all her style ventures.


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