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Balmain Collaboration In the Works



H&M’s next guest designer is causing quite a stir amongst the fashion community. Olivier Rousteing, creative director and fashion designer for Balmain, announced at the 2015 Billboard awards in Las Vegas, of his future endeavor to collaborate with H&M’s already prestigious brand.  


So, the big question is, knowing the average price points of H&M and how the brand is associated with supplying high-end fashion at a reasonable price, how will Balmain be able to maintain it’s couture house image and still offer reasonable prices? Rousteing explained in an interview with Style.com recently;

“It was a big challenge and a good challenge. I don’t want to lose the craftsmanship, and I don’t want to lose the richness and the glamour of the house. But I also want to talk to the people in the street, to different ages. I kept the glamour and richness, but we twisted it. You can find in the collection so many different garments. And I think that’s going to be the beauty of the collection. My collaboration is different from the others. H&M really challenged themselves with craftsmanship, with the high couture level of France, and the results are great.”

Non only is this great news for H&M, but it is great news for every fashion blogger across the nation, who, if they haven’t not already, will be able to finally say, they own a Balmain-designed item in their wardrobe.