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Fierce Holds Casting Call for OIFW

By Caroline Halik

Photos By Nickolas Wolf

Photos By Nickolas Wolf

Fierce Entertainment Management held a casting call for models to be selected for Orlando Fashion Week starting on Nov. 6, 2016 through Nov. 12, 2016.

The event was held in a cafeteria at the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Orlando on Aug. 27. Models of different ages attended in an attempt to be picked by designers that would showcase their art during the November event.

For a couple of hours, this cafeteria of a school transformed into an area filled with families and models anxiously awaiting the time of strutting down that floor and showing what they had to offer.

The most interesting aspect was the diversity of the crowd from different ages, backgrounds, height, as well as physique.

It truly defined that beauty is found in all of us and there isn’t just one form.

Before the event had started, I had the honor of interviewing a few of the designers that were looking for models to showcase their art and talent.

The first was Jasmine Zayas, an eyelash-art specialist. This was her first casting event she had attended. Because her art was more facially-oriented, she was focusing on “more of the facial expressions, and not just being like every other look.” She truly wants to bring out that uniqueness in her art and in the models. “Fashion and art are the same thing and I want to bring something new to this year’s fashion week,” Zayas said.

Photos By Nickolas Wolf

Photos By Nickolas Wolf

The second designer was Lucas Charles, a 15-year-old fashion designer who is originally from New York but now resides here in Orlando stating. He believes that fashion isn’t just about the clothing, but showcasing what is on the inside to the outside and tying that into someone’s confidence is key. His icons are Michael Kors and Nick Verreos. Lucas said, “Verreos has more of that “fun, flirty, colorful” look versus Kors’s more “clean” look.” It is so inspiring to see someone so motivated and inspired by such icons at such a young age. It truly shows that anyone no matter age, gender, race, and so forth can have a passion for fashion.

The third designer was Marsha Vacirca, owner of her clothing line Madame Adassa, a name that is an ode to her grandmother. Marsha’s goal and idea for her line is to connect her Jamaican roots and Caribbean background to a European appeal but have it still be flowy and comfortable. On deciding which models to choose to showcase her pieces, she paid attention to their walk and curves because her line enhances a natural woman’s curves.

Photos By Nickolas Wolf

Photos By Nickolas Wolf

The fourth designer was Samuel E. Zillman who is going to showcase pieces at the show during fashion week. Samuel believes that “you can take any material and use it.” From sculpting, painting, glass blowing to taxidermy, Zillman can use anything and everything to make into art. Using only recycled materials and no fabric, each piece is very unique and the model would “have to have that specific spunk to themselves” when picking who to showcase their pieces. “I am looking for someone that is more theatrical, can become a creature and performance is key,” Zillman said.

This year’s fashion week will be nothing subpar, and an event to greatly look forward to in November 2016. For more information, check out the Facebook page Orlando International Fashion Week or OrlandoInternationalFashionWeek.com to keep up with the latest news and updates.



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