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Devin Duggan


I had the opportunity to speak with the handsome Devin Duggan to give you a little insight on this former football and tv reality star. Devin was born in Virginia Beach and raised in Bethlehem Pennsylvania. He currently resides in Tampa, Florida. When asked if there are other places he would like to live San Diego and Arizona was a couple of places of interest that he mentioned, with the desire to eventually move back home. He is biracial, his mother is Caucasian and his father is African-American, he was raised to see no color. He experienced living in both a lower income area and also a predominately Caucasian neighborhood as a child where he recalls noticing the differences, having his share of harassment and bullying. When asking him what advice he would give to kids that are currently experiencing this today? he replied: “always know your worth, make sure you speak to your teachers and guidance counselors, ask for help.”

Devin came close to being on the Bachelor to compete for Jo Jo Fletcher’s heart.  He went to Costa Rica for business when he returned home he came down with a virus at the time of filming, which kept him from being on the show. He got another opportunity at reality love when he decided to be part of the show “Married by Mom and Dad” on TLC. If you didn’t have an opportunity to see this show you can find footage online at TLC of Devin and his arranged wife Ursula. Like me, you may find yourself watching back to back clips as you look forward to seeing what’s going to happen next. Devin reported he and his wife had already been separated a month with plans of divorcing the following week. He spoke on the positive experiences of being a part of this reality show. He got to spend a lot more time with his family, his parents had to fly down from Pennsylvania often to meet and interview Devin’s wife prospects. Exposure from the show gained him great fans and even though he and Ursala’s marriage didn’t work out for the long term she was a great support system during the entire experience. Devin is not giving up on love or the limelight there have been talks about him being involved with an upcoming Bachelor so keep an eye out for him!

Another thing: Devin is a model, he ripped the runway at this Spring’s Orlando International Fashion Week Fashion E.D.G.E in a bodypaint showcase.

Photo credit for body paint capture: Melissa Berrios



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