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Florida Fashion Weekend coming May 2014!


The new age of enlightenment represents the foretold story of the new representation of what fashion is and what it is meant to become. The enlightenment represents a cultural movement of intellectuals that want to change the vision of where fashion is going. The original enlightenment  was during the 18th century and it gave birth to the freedom of speech and the declaration of Independence. Today it will give birth to growth and change and will open our minds to  understanding fashion. Follow us on this journey as we make history and create a path of illumination.

The Love and War between fashion caused people to choose sides between Prêt-â-Porter and Haute Couture. This is the final battle between love and war. The people will make their final decision to follow their own hearts or continue to follow the hearts of others. The Kings and Queens of the new world order will rise and lead the people to a new era. Today is a new beginning so stand up and choose your side and get ready to wear what you want.

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