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Celebrity Spotlight on Carolyn Rivera


Kylah Johnson, Carolyn Rivera, Omar Elkalyoubie, Jessica Henlon. Photo by Brion Price

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Carolyn Rivera, Starr Dalton. Photo by Brion Price

Carolyn Rivera has been a Learning & Development executive, inspirational and motivational speaker, leadership trainer, runner up on Survivor, and is a soon-to-be author. She has worked in the corporate world for many different companies throughout her career. Ever since Survivor’s first season aired in 2000, Carolyn strived to make it on to the show. She always said to herself, “Survivor was made for me, I have to get on that show!” Once her children grew up and finished college, she decided to apply. After trying out for four years, Carolyn finally made it on Survivor for its 30th season, Survivor World’s Apart that aired in the spring of 2015. Her ambition and motivation were shown through her performance, as she finished in second place. She loved her experience on the show and the challenges that came with it. She pushed herself beyond her limits and still was able to make it to the end! Her life-changing experience gave her the opportunity to see new perspectives and gain a greater tolerance for differences. Carolyn’s background in leadership aided her in her success, working with many people of different cultures and backgrounds. “You really have to step back and listen more, instead of taking charge, and trying to be the one in control all the time. It’s all about building relationships.”

Since completing her season on Survivor, Carolyn has started her own company, CJR Leadership Strategies. It was something she had always wanted to do and being on Survivor gave her the extra confidence to face that challenge, take the risk and go for it! She delivers engaging speeches focused around Leadership and Motivation using her background and great storytelling. She also conducts leadership training for those that want to improve their leadership skills. Carolyn is in the process of writing a book on leadership that brings together all of her experiences. She aims to teach her readers the importance of Leadership—to make them “look at how they operate today, and what changes they need to make to continue to learn and grow as a leader.

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Carolyn Rivera, Rob Henlon. Photo by Brion Price

We are lucky to be in partnership with Carolyn Rivera here at Fierce Entertainment Management. Through her experience on Survivor, Carolyn Rivera was able to meet many new people, which is how she started working with us at Fierce. Her role in the company as a public figure is to “get people to come to the events and to embrace the entertainment that we’re putting on.” She also works with charities associated with our organization. Carolyn made an appearance at the Orlando International Fashion week closing show at the Castle Hotel.

For anyone who is looking for a keynote speaker or leadership trainer, visit Carolyn’s website at www.carolynjrivera.com. She has a one of a kind technique that keeps the audience wanting more.

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