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Streetwear to Runway

More than ten years ago, runway styles became our everyday streetwear. People looked forward to going to seasonal fashion shows to view the latest fashion; the new hot topic. In the 90s, it was all about the three holes ripped jeans, black combat boots and the famous G-Shock watches. These are just to list a few as major fashion companies never disappointed their audience. Numerous people will agree that the 90’s was one of the most fashionable eras in history as captivating unique designs and prints were modeled down runways capturing everyone’s attention. High-end retailers advertised these types of clothing to convince us that fashion was not just pieces of cloth to clothe our bodies, but as a part of our character- as fashion and style portrays our personality. Who did not want to have the newest outfits straight off the runways? Would we stand in long lines at stores to get the latest outfits? These seem to be rhetorical questions, right? We all want to stay “in style”!

Orlando International Fashion Week Sanford Brown College Student Showcase at Fashion Square Mall, Designs by Isabel Carmona, Photography by Brion Price.

Orlando International Fashion Week Sanford Brown College Student Showcase at Fashion Square Mall, Designs by Isabel Carmona, Photography by Brion Price.

As consumers’ taste began to change so did the fashion industry. Clothing revolutionized from those laid back neon windbreakers and sketchers to a more edgy image- from black leather jackets with matching black combat boots to casually wearing athletic clothing suitable for almost any occasion. While we thought all these old fashion 90’s clothing were out the window, the fashion industry took a drastic U-turn. The wide speck of fashionistas, both male and female, created their own “streetwear fashion show” where clothing from the 90’s was reintroduced. Nevertheless, these styles have a modern twist. The famous Skidz and Zubas multicolored pants are now paired with bright neon pumps to give your outfit that edgy look. This outfit would not be complete without a bright colored blazer! The casual yet simply classy outfit men love to rock, solid color classic tees under blazers is also another 90’s feature. No one really matches anymore, right? If you are really looking to stand out, the most common thing do to is to color block by pairing different colors together –in the 90’s this was known as cross colors.

Consumers are now designing their own unique styles by pairing together different pieces of these laid-back clothing with a modern twist. Numerous retailers have gone back to the drawing board speculating what exactly are consumers’ desires. We are now in their own subtle way enlightening these fashion companies on what we want to wear. Times have changed. With 90’s fashion repeating itself, fashion companies, such as Tommy Hilfiger, have taken advantage of such an opportunity. Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2016 collection showcased an easygoing, relaxed Caribbean chic collection with a beachy bohemian vibe. This collection included Passé florals and stripes with multicolored crochet swimwear, flowing maxis, lounge suits, and sporty separates, accessorizing these looks with bucket hats, and flatform sandals. When last have you seen a crotchet swimsuit?

Over the years, we have been wearing what we first see on runways but now we are embracing our own individualistic styles. Leaving fashion companies

with no choice but to meet our demands. Fashion is all about your personal style which illustrates your story. So, what unique, creative designs do you embrace? Solid color clothing or designs with patterns?Is it neon or pastel colors?

With all that said, are you ready to show the world your bold statement pieces at Orlando International Fashion Week? I know I am…

Article by: Jodi-Leigh Ward

Jodi-Leigh-WardI was born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica. Being surrounded by such fun, creative and lively people, I was inspire to get involved in the fashion industry. I strongly believe that the way you dress tells your story and everyone should embrace their unique style!