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Oh, the Horror! How To Avoid Fashion Disaster Wearing These 3 Tricky Styles

by Megan Hyde


Any time we talk fashion, we say, “Be fearless! Be original! Be daring!” But given fashion’s subjective nature, there’s always error with experimentation. Everybody wants to be on the hit list, but what about making the miss list? It does happen, and all good fashionistas experience a don’t moment from time to time.

Fashion experimentation is usually fun, though: trying out trends, creating personal style, dressing to make you feel good, and bouncing back from a wardrobe mishap. Some items are harder to work than others, but what great fashion gal or guy isn’t up for a styling challenge? On that note, let’s tackle the trickier looks that if done wrong are downright terrifying.


Easy on the Pleather

Lindsey Lohan looking drab in thigh-high pleather boots

We know Lindsey Lohan was trying to blend in, but she actually stands out more in this drab getup.

What can be stiff, crunchy and far too much? Pleather. Unfortunately, there are many more don’ts with it than do’s. It makes a strong statement for sure, but it doesn’t work for all occasions. The trick to lessen the terror of this fashion is remembering that less is more. Try wearing only one pleather piece, preferably balanced with something dainty to soften the otherwise intense texture.


Stay Sheer, Not Shameful

Miranda Kerr in a sheer blouse walking with her dog

Victoria’s Secret supermodel Miranda Kerr doesn’t look too bad here. (We just wish she wore a nice belt since she chose to push the blouse in.)

Sheer is another tricky one. It can be extremely successful or it can be completely disastrous. This look will be continuously tried, and some will survive the day while others will vow to wear turtlenecks after the experience. The key to fashion glory in sheer is showing just enough while leaving some to the imagination. If you go for a sheer blouse, make sure you balance the look with coverage elsewhere on your body, like wearing a transparent top with a maxi skirt on the bottom, for example. Utter perfection instead of total mortification. Using the peek-a-boo approach is another way to make this a win.


With Fur, Fall for Faux

a young woman wearing a sleeveless faux fur coat over a yellow short-sleeved dress

Now, since we’re finally experiencing cooler weather, folks are digging out their warmest digs. While wearing fur is absolutely okay, you’ll be a big time fashion flop wearing the real thing. That’s right, long gone are the days of Lucy begging Ricky for a real mink. It’s not nice to take that poor mink’s actual coat to make your look complete, so stick with faux and call it a day.

If you dare to venture into real fur territory, be warned: the fashion gods will not be smiling and they’ll strip you of fashion inspiration for a good while. Too many good people have gone down for this terribly terrifying look, and unfortunately, long live the Internet. When it comes to fur looks, remember FFF: fall for faux.


Now that we’ve covered some of the trickier looks, go forward with a zest to do it right. Try out looks, stay fearless, and never lose your spirit to try new things even if someone else previously vetoed it. The best part of style is that it’s your own journey and it will lead you to many destinations, so enjoy the ride in your very best riding boots. Stay fabulous!


Lindsey Lohan photo by Chester Guerlin.

Miranda Kerr image: source

Faux fur image: source



Megan HydeAbout the Author:

From a young age, journalist Megan Hyde has had a strong passion for fashion. So much so that when she was four years old, her parents had to install a lock too high for her to keep her out of her closet four times a day for wardrobe changes. As the years have passed, writing and fashion have stayed a constant in this fashion enthusiast’s life and any opportunity to participate in either brings just as much happiness as the September issue of Vogue. Megan lives in the East Orlando area with her love Hunter, dogters Pepper & Roni, and spends far too much time indulging in magazines. A proud UCF Knight Alumnus, Megan is currently pursuing a Masters in New Media Journalism and enjoying her life in The City Beautiful.



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