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Thinking Cap Top Tips – Networking Pt. 1

Networking Part 1

~ Be Inviting ~

Smile, smile, smile! There is no bigger turn-off for people who might like to network with you than a sour expression – or even a stale, blank look – on your face. A smile is an introduction before the introduction. It says, “”Hello! I’m friendly, & though I haven’t met you, yet, I already like you. Come talk to me. Let’s be friends.” It’s your first victory in winning over new friends.

Smiling not only makes you approachable but, also, brings along numerous health benefits, such as: increased mood, decreased stress, lower heart rate, better critical thinking abilities & more. According to studies, it takes more muscles to frown than to smile, so it literally requires more effort to look mad or upset. However, don’t think you have to force yourself to show all 32 teeth. Haha. A simple, modest grin will do.

Either way, a smile, in any manner, is the most important accessory for any outfit, & a MUST-HAVE for all wardrobes when considering networking with new people.



Mr. Thinking Cap

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