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Actionable Fashion: 8 Fall Essentials and 4 Fresh Ways to Wear Them

by Danisha LaShae

Fall is closely approaching. The thought of being able to walk outside in semi-cooler weather and having the wind blow briskly through my hair is the best part of the season.

Oh, who am I kidding? The best part of fall is the fashion, of course.

Besides the typical leather bomber jacket, statement necklace, deep rich nail colors, and ankle boots, here are some fall essentials that you can’t afford to miss. I read in a leading fashion magazine that nerdy and grungy are the two main looks for this coming fall.

I was the typical nerd in high school so I am sort of over that trend. However, the grungy trend’s intriguing because it can be worn in so many different ways. It can be casual or unavoidably fierce.

Here’s a collage of fall staples that are gotta-haves not only for my closet, but yours as well. Some of these pieces are currently trending for the summer, but with the switch of a shoe, a leather jacket effortlessly thrown over your shoulder, and a vampy lip color, you are officially the it girl for fall.


8 Fall Essentials for 2013

fall clothing collage


1) Basic crop top (Boohoo)

2) Jogger drawstring pants (Love Culture)

3) Bodycon split skirt (She Inside) (It’s already sold out at SheInside, so you’ll have to get it elsewhere.)

4) Basic leather sandal (Steve Madden: Marlenee) FYI: the green metallic pair are on sale right now for $30.

5) Denim overalls in dark wash (Asos)

6) Plaid spiked Shirt (Forever 21)

7) Draped blazer (Love Culture)

8) High waist shorts (Love Culture — on sale now for $15.33)

The best part is that you can mix these 8 pieces so many times.


My Favorite Mixes:

1) Overalls + Basic crop top + Basic sandal + (add a leather jacket)

2) Draped blazer + High waist shorts (a remix on a typical suit by pairing matching separates) (+ a leather jacket and studded booties)

3) Crop top + Bodycon split skirt + Basic sandal (+ a leather cropped jacket + a fur vest)

4) Jogger drawstring pants + Spiked plaid shirt (For a more laid back look, tie the shirt around your waist) + Basic sandal


I can go on and on with pairings, but hopefully you understand how simple and easy it is to create key fall outfits without breaking the bank. Go purchase them before they sell out. I know I am!


All fashion images taken from their respective brand websites.


Danisha Lashae close-upAbout the Author:

Hi, my name is Danisha Lashae, and I’m the face of www.lawabidingfashion.com. I’m a girl from a small town living out big dreams with a passion for law and fashion, with a Bachelors of Arts in Criminal Justice and a minor in Sociology. While on this life journey, I express my emotions through fashion, mixing colors diving headfirst into trends. Do I abide by the laws of fashion? Never. Guilty as charged. But who wants to be boring? I’ve joined forces with Over The Top Photography as a wardrobe stylist, and also have participated in a couple of photo shoots as well.


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