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Back-to-Campus and Beyond: 4 Style Must-Haves for Fall

Student group_KIC

by Megan Hyde


The fall season electrifies the air. It promises the coming mercy of cooler weather from our 90’s-and-up summer, pumpkin spiced everything, and season-transitioning fashion. Fall sweeps in fun patterns like Houndstooth; classic, bright red lipstick; and the boots! My goodness, the boots! Short ones, tall ones, lace up or zip down, there are so many to admire and appreciate.

But since we’re in the Sunshine state, where temperatures consistently drop to only the mid 70’s the majority of our fall season, we have to balance the seasonal fashion as only we can, especially since fall also equals back-to-school.



So let’s get talking about some hall walking.

Back-to-school is often a time of reflection. It’s a time to experience physical and mental growth, and try out new attitudes and looks. Whether you darken your tresses to a rich mahogany hue or you reconnect with that friend you lost touch with last semester, it’s a time to shine and embrace risk-taking.

There are amazing ways to develop your look this time of year. Like any opening event, going back to class is an occasion to showcase different styles. There’s only one rule here: never be afraid to try a trend.

Trends can be exciting or a little intimidating, but as with anything in life, give it a whirl if you’re interested. Throw on a bohemian-style headpiece or go with the deep cherry lip stain. If it doesn’t work, then you place the idea in the “maybe another time, when I rethink my strategy” file. However, the most important non-trend to try is being you. Celebrate fashion for what it’s meant to be: fun.

Oscar Wilde said it best: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”


Chunky knit_pencil skirt_Lauren Conrad


Get Knitted

Okay, so maybe you’ve reached the point where marching through school hallways, dressed to impress, is behind you and you’re now crossing the early avenues of your professional self. Knit sweaters provide an awesome opportunity to test out fall colors, including gemstone shades like cobalt blue and emerald green. A chunky knit can be ultra chic when balanced with a fitted pencil skirt and ankle booties. This also keeps you within business attire guidelines and office dress codes.


Accessories_Maegan Tintari

Stay Decorated

A few unique accessories are also a great investment for fall, for a student or professional. Statement necklaces, formerly a trend, are becoming a staple with each passing season. Pick one or two that are quirky, distinct conversation pieces. Then pick a couple in the neutral color family (browns and grays), and of course elegant black. A great place to get some rocking accessories and jewelry is Francesca’s Collections. The prices are fair and the assortment is mind-blowing. Be sure to set extra time aside to truly explore.


Sweater dress with belt_DJPremium

Strap Up

Belts are a great way to spruce up many looks in an affordable way. Belt racks in Target alone are a rainbow, offering every color, style, and shade. Whether you’re throwing a belt around a dress or into a pair of trouser shorts, you can instantly boost your look by adding this refining touch.

Imagine you wearing a great pair of black slacks with an attractive white blouse. Add a pop of color in a simple and trendy way with a bright pink or yellow skinny belt. Anxious to show off that great sweater dress you got on sale, but hesitant because it’s a smidge too big? The right belt can take you from “ugh” to “aww” quickly.


Express Editor Pants

Have Hot Legs On or Off Campus

Spruce up your wardrobe by adding some new basics such as chunky knit sweaters and impressive new trousers.

Editor pants are a fabulous complimentary fit for many body types and it instantly bolsters any look. If this pant cut is not for you, then try out a few different ones until you find something just right. Think of Goldilocks: the girl was gorgeous in her cute dress and yet she had to try things out a few times before it was perfect. A variety of blouses and a good belt with amazing pants scream ladylike sophistication.



Want to Get These Looks?

Express, The Loft, and Macy’s offer an eclectic mix of all these items and price points that fit any budget, so you can invest in quality pieces in whatever way works best for you. Remember, taking pride in how you dress and accessorizing is always meant to be fun. There isn’t one set formula, which is the best part of fashion and style. Recreating a look or finding inspiration to create a new one is what makes this beautiful world turn.

Be excited, be creative, be chic, be classic, be you.



Student group photo: Flickr

Chunky knit sweater with pencil skirt photo: Lauren Conrad

Accessories (Flickr): Model: Maegan Tintari

Dress and Belt image: DJPremium.com

Editor pants: Express.com


Megan HydeAbout the Author:

From a young age, journalist Megan Hyde has had a strong passion for fashion. So much so that when she was four, her parents had to install a lock too high for her to keep her out of her closet four times a day for wardrobe changes. As the years have passed, writing and fashion have stayed a constant in this fashion enthusiast’s life and any opportunity to participate in either brings just as much happiness as the September issue of Vogue. Megan lives in the East Orlando area with her love Hunter, dogters Pepper & Roni, and spends far too much time indulging in magazines. A proud UCF Knight Alumnus, Megan is currently pursuing a Masters in New Media Journalism and enjoying her life in The City Beautiful.


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