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  • Eyelash Extraordinaire Wins Fashion E.D.G.E.

    By Nikki Namdar on December 13, 2016
    By Jacob Galvin   For Jazmin Zayas, there’s no settling for contemporary. The real estate of looking fierce is all in the eyes and, let’s face it, space is limited. Avant-Garde artist, designer and eyelash stylist, Zayas, brought bleeding edge designs to the Fall 2016 Emerging Designers Exhibition Gauntlet (E.D.G.E) and took home the title. The question of denim versus leather […]
  • David President: OIFW Fashion E.D.G.E. Winner Spring 2016

    By Ready on October 22, 2016
    David President is the designer of D. President Attire and the winner of Orlando International Fashion Week’s Spring 2016 Fashion E.D.G.E. competition. David has been interested in fashion since his early teens and started getting a feel for design by sketching. It wasn’t until his late 20’s, however, that he was actually able to learn about the fashion industry and how […]
  • Fierce Holds Casting Call for OIFW 2016

    By Nikki Namdar on September 29, 2016
    By Caroline Halik Fierce Entertainment Management held a casting call for models to be selected for Orlando Fashion Week starting on Nov. 6, 2016 through Nov. 12, 2016. The event was held in a cafeteria at the Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in Orlando on Aug. 27. Models of different ages attended in an attempt to be picked […]
  • John Quinlan: Wrestler, Bodybuilder, Model and Actor

    By Ready on August 19, 2016
    Wrestler and bodybuilder turned model and actor, John Quinlan is the prime example of how a seemingly unrelated career can help you find success in other fields. Quinlan started off doing bodybuilding before transitioning to wrestling in the 90’s due to its popularity at the time. As a professional wrestler, he was a IIXtreme Heavyweight and Hardcore Champion. Along with […]
  • Design Feature Azeemi

    By Ready on May 20, 2016
    Azeemi is a high fashion clothing and handbag brand started by two sisters, Arzoo and Wazhma. Although they have only started making clothing for clients in the past four years and their handbag collection, Azeemistyle, in the past year, they have been interested in fashion their entire lives. They were inspired by the decorative and colorful culture from their Afghan […]
  • Spotlight on Christian Rivera

    By Ready on March 8, 2016
    Christian Rivera is a multi-talented Latin American who has experience across almost all dimensions of the entertainment industry. He was born October 14th, 1983 in Cidra, Puerto Rico. He is a Model, Singer, Actor, Host, Radio Personality, and doesn’t plan to stop there. He was first put into modeling by his mother Hilda Rivera at only a month old as […]
  • 2016 Swimwear: What’s Hot Now

    By Ready on February 18, 2016
    With spring fast approaching, temps will be rising across Florida and that can only mean one thing – it’s time to go swimsuit shopping! You are probably wondering what swimwear trends will be popular this year, especially with the array of new and unheard-of styles and materials we’ve been seeing these past several years, in addition to the many new […]
  • Streetwear to Runway

    By Ready on February 1, 2016
    More than ten years ago, runway styles became our everyday streetwear. People looked forward to going to seasonal fashion shows to view the latest fashion; the new hot topic. In the 90s, it was all about the three holes ripped jeans, black combat boots and the famous G-Shock watches. These are just to list a few as major fashion companies never […]
  • Shayne Leighton Singer, Rocker and Writer

    By Ready on December 1, 2015
    Shayne Leighton is a multi-talented, down to earth inspiration.  When you think you have a lot going on in your life and meet someone like Shayne you realize you can always do more! Shayne is a true Floridian born and raised in Boynton, West Palm.  She has many talents, she is a published author of a vampire romance novel series, […]
  • The Mall at Millenia celebrates its 10th anniversary of Fashion Week

    By Willie David on September 21, 2015
    ORLANDO, FL (FNN News) – The Florida National News learned that The Mall at Millenia will roll out the red carpet for their 10th Annual Fashion Week taking place September 17th through September 24th, 2015, according to event organizers.  The renowned event features 6 runway shows filled with the must-have trends and colors of the season.   Image Source: http://www.mallatmillenia.com/events/fashion-week […]