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Get Wrapped Up! Find the Right Coat for Florida’s Freaky Fall and Winter


by Megan Hyde


In Florida, where it’s not uncommon to wear tank tops on Thanksgiving and shorts on Christmas Day, there is still a need to bundle up when temperatures drop. You’ll still need a few good coats, so let’s explore your options.


The key to Florida winter fashion is layering.

It’s common to have numbing weather in the early morning hours, and hot, sunny weather by noon. You want to be prepared for this situation in the best way, so a light yet cozy option works well. A coat, jacket, or cardigan with a front zipper or belt is great because it can close up to hold in warmth and be undone as the day (or you) heats up. Material is a personal choice, so if cashmere or cotton makes your heart sing, then hit the highest note you can.

For colder than average, mittens needed, “what is going on with the weather” days, you’ll need investment pieces. It’s important to find a coat that both flatters and warms you.

One great example is the highly popular pea coat, which offers a chic look with a double-breasted overlap and available in shorter or longer lengths. It flatters many body types because it fits to each person’s body.

black belted pea coa

Black belted pea coat

skirted plaid coat

Skirted plaid coat

Many retailers offer different looks, so shoppers have an abundance of price points and colors to choose from. This is a great choice if you are aiming for a sophisticated, effortless look atop the rest of your stylish self.  🙂


Solid or Print?

Some folks feel safest in solid colors because it’s more versatile and multi-seasonal, but a well-selected pattern can be timeless, too. Something black and white is both bold and classic, while a blue and green plaid or tartan offers a different take as well.

green latched coat

Green latched coat

women's brown houndstooth coat

Brooks Brothers women’s fleece houndstooth coat

red plaid coat with tartan cap

Michelle Reneau red plaid coat

blue plaid zipped coat

Blue plaid zipped coat

Personal preference is pivotal, so don’t feel the need to push the envelope too far, but also don’t be afraid to try something less traditional either. Find what works for you and work it right back.

As with every fashion quest, enjoy the hunt and embrace style, flair, and individuality all the same. Happy shopping, love bugs!


Green coat image: source

Black belted pea coat image: source

NYFW Brooks Brothers houndstooth coat image: source

Michelle Reneau red plaid coat image: source

Red skirted plaid coat image: source

Blue plaid coat pic: source


Megan HydeAbout the Author:

From a young age, journalist Megan Hyde has had a strong passion for fashion. So much so that when she was four years old, her parents had to install a lock too high for her to keep her out of her closet four times a day for wardrobe changes. As the years have passed, writing and fashion have stayed a constant in this fashion enthusiast’s life and any opportunity to participate in either brings just as much happiness as the September issue of Vogue. Megan lives in the East Orlando area with her love Hunter, dogters Pepper & Roni, and spends far too much time indulging in magazines. A proud UCF Knight Alumnus, Megan is currently pursuing a Masters in New Media Journalism and enjoying her life in The City Beautiful.



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