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David President: OIFW Fashion E.D.G.E. Winner Spring 2016

oifw-designer-fall-dpresidentattire-2016David President is the designer of D. President Attire and the winner of Orlando International Fashion Week’s Spring 2016 Fashion E.D.G.E. competition. David has been interested in fashion since his early teens and started getting a feel for design by sketching. It wasn’t until his late 20’s, however, that he was actually able to learn about the fashion industry and how to construct clothing. He learned how to use sewing machines, construct clothing properly, and understand fabric from a woman in Daytona Beach. She taught him all of the techniques in her alteration shop. David also frequented the library, where he rented books on fashion, branding, and manufacturing. He admits to even reading Fashion For Dummies! All of his hard work and motivation are starting to pay off – after moving to Tampa last January and doing a few shows there, he heard about the Fierce Entertainment Fashion E.D.G.E. competition.

The timing of the competition was perfect for David, so he began sketching out his spring and summer collection for D. President Attire. His collection, called Olympus, was inspired by his love for the Greek Gods. David offers: “I picked the Olympic Greek Gods that I love to read about and incorporated them in my line. I thought, ‘how would I dress them and how would I style them?’ and that’s what you guys saw on the runway.” Winning the competition felt both amazing and surprising to David, especially since he was competing against so many other talented designers. David described of the competition: “I never doubted myself but I’m always humble, I’m my toughest critic and I see what I can always do better.” He loved how the judges voted, yet the crowd had the ultimate decision – and chose his own designs! To him, this was a sign that his career is moving in the right direction and that people really love his work. David President DPA Orlando International Fashion Week Fierce

David’s designs for D. President Attire are strictly menswear and he doesn’t plan to change that anytime soon. He loves designing for men and recognizes the lack of men’s clothing designs in comparison to women’s. He describes his designs as “urban couture” – very edgy and bold. “My urban couture line is risky and not everyone is comfortable wearing certain things. You have to be bold and confident in yourself and you can wear anything. I think my line resembles that.” David especially enjoys designing for the fall and the winter because you can layer and dress those styles up and down. David’s biggest inspiration lies in his logo, which symbolizes the choice in all of us between good or evil, which is represented by the two keys. “I always try to dig into my spirituality to come across ideas for my designs, and that’s always been my biggest inspiration.”

David President DPA Orlando International Fashion Week Fierce Entertainment David is currently working on a young gentlemen’s collection while preparing for the fall Fashion E.D.G.E. show this coming November, along with another show in Philadelphia. He also hopes to be a part of Brooklyn Fashion Week in New York this fall. In the next year or two, David hopes to have a small boutique for D. President Attire and eventually have it grow into a bigger brand – a household name. He aspires for his brand to eventually expand and to be sold in stores across America, and he plans to stay humble and present through all of that. To check out David’s designs in the meantime, you can browse through his polos, T-shirts, tank tops and custom items on his website, DPresidentAttire.com, on Instagram, or on Facebook.


Rachel Vann InternRachel Vann

Senior at Rollins College studying Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. I’m an Intern for Fierce Entertainment Management, working with the Orlando International Fashion Week and Orlando Fashion Magazine. I have always loved everything about fashion and am excited to be working in the field!

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