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Stay Strapped — Your Easy to Guide to Wearing Belts with Style

by Megan Hyde

One of the most amazing ways to accentuate, alternate, and restyle fashion is by using belts. Big, small, equipped with metal, you name it, every fashionista needs them. Whether you are new to the belt game or looking to spruce up, let’s cover a few options guaranteed to have you looking fierce.


Belts: The Perfect Booster

A belt can instantly make any average outfit fabulous. Take an oversized sweater, for example. It may be too much if left undone, but by adding a belt, you not only pull the look together, but the belt can become the star of the show.

Here’s another example: imagine you have a rich tan leather belt with a bow sitting right in the middle. Wrap that beauty around your cobalt chunky knit sweater, and everyone you pass will secretly think your outfit is out of this world.


Keepin’ it Slim

One of my personal favorites is skinny belts. I can’t say how many times I have been faced with a styling dilemma and fixed it by adding a neon or metallic beauty to my look. With the nearest “Tarjay Boutique” (a.k.a. Target) offering belts for about $12-$15 apiece, this can be one of your most economical accessories. Target offers a rainbow brick road of color — neon yellow, emerald green, and gold glittered, oh my!

Jessica Alba wearing a skinny golden belt at the Boss Black Show during NYFW

Jessica Alba dolls up her dress with a skinny golden belt at the Boss Black Show during the 2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Berlin

No matter which ones you choose, they most definitely help transition you from this season to next.


Don’t Forget to Go Wide

Now before you say those terms are a turnoff, wide belts actually provide a slimming look. Once you find a width that suits you, this belt perfectly accentuates you and balances any inconsistent outfit (such as two busy patterns), or becomes that key eye-catching centerpiece. Solid colored wide belts keep things classic and simple.

a woman in a plaid pencil skirt, knee-high black lace-up boots, and a solid tan wide belt

Much like a living room, which many attribute as the focal point of any home, belts can lead the show with many an outfit. Tie together an impossible look with a belt and make it work for you. Remember, the key to any fashion choice is making it look how you want it to. Don’t conform to any style or trend without setting your own terms. Buy it, own it, rock it!



Wide belt pencil skirt image courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Jessica Alba photo from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin 2013.



Megan HydeAbout the Author:

From a young age, journalist Megan Hyde has had a strong passion for fashion. So much so that when she was four years old, her parents had to install a lock too high for her to keep her out of her closet four times a day for wardrobe changes. As the years have passed, writing and fashion have stayed a constant in this fashion enthusiast’s life and any opportunity to participate in either brings just as much happiness as the September issue of Vogue. Megan lives in the East Orlando area with her love Hunter, dogters Pepper & Roni, and spends far too much time indulging in magazines. A proud UCF Knight Alumnus, Megan is currently pursuing a Masters in New Media Journalism and enjoying her life in The City Beautiful.



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