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Little Miss Universe


Bella at miss USA Ambassador Central Florida Jr. Preteen

The Miss Universe program is the largest pageant in the world. While watching you get to see behind the scenes exclusives and learn about the contestants.

Isabella and Genevieve Ulrich dream that one day this may a dream that they can reach. Isabella Ulrich, 9, and sister Genevieve Ulrich, 7, may not be old enough for the Miss Universe pageant, but they are very involved in preparing and exploring the pageant world.

“It is a very competitive and intense sport you have to be prepared to do,” said Tara Ulrich mother of Isabelle and Genevieve. “You need to be able to wear that dress in a way you can walk on it and not trip on it but glide with grace across the stage.”

Isabelle got involved in the pageant world on accident.

“I started because one day I was getting the mail,” said the 9-year-old. “I saw there was a letter addressed to me it was about a pageant called NAM.” NAM stands for National American Miss, said Isabelle.

“So we decided why not do it?” Isabella said. Isabella began going to more pageants and learned that she enjoyed them a lot. Her favorite thing about pageants is that she loves to make new friends.

Genevieve started going to pageants with her sister and enjoyed watching her so much that she decided to follow suit.

“She would go to the pageants with Bella and she said to me that she would like to do it,” said Tara. “She tried it and has been really successful.”

Genevieve at Spirit of Imperial Beauties of the World.

Genevieve at Spirit of Imperial Beauties of the World.

Genevieve is a title holder with Imperial Beauties of the World. She will be giving up her title with Imperial Beauties of the World, this July in Orlando, where she will crown her successor.

She has plans of competing with the Cinderella pageant and if she wins she will go on to complete in Dallas at the International Pageant at the end of July.

“Cinderella is a very formal pageant with strict rules,” Tara said, “They do not wear evening gowns but instead wear beauty dresses that are knee length.”

The dress shop, Liz Bebe’s , located at Park Avenue, where the girls go to get their dresses for the pageants asked them to do a charity event.

“We get a lot of dresses there. She asked us if we would like to do a runway show and we actually enjoyed it,” Isabella said. “It is similar to a pageant but you are not getting judged for it, it is actually a lot of fun so we kept doing them.”

Isabella is Miss Central Florida USA Ambassador Jr. Preteen. She will be competing this July at their national pageant in Tampa.

“When they started that they became more involved with charity events because USA is a charity based program,” Tara said. “The girls competed and are encouraged strongly to be involved in charity and helping others.”

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Bella (left) Genevieve (right) on their way to a charity fashion show.

Tara said, “There are a lot of hours that these girls give not because they have to but because they want to.”


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