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Trends Too Fast for You? Get Noticed Every Season with Timeless Accessories

by Megan Hyde


When it comes to picking an outfit, there are many base items one will choose. A great dress, top and bottom, and trendy things like rompers and overalls. But what about the “cherries on top” of these fabulous ensemble sundaes? Of course, I’m talking about accessories…and lots of them. Big and small and classic and up-to-the-minute, oh my!

Accessorizing can make or break an outfit’s completed look, and you don’t want to wear a fab outfit with the gnawing feeling that something’s missing. The burning question is, just what kind of accessories can speak to everyone all year long? A gal can go accessory crazy if she’s not careful, that’s for sure. To keep it simple, let’s start from the top and work our way down.


180 Degrees…in the Shades

You can keep things stylish and transitional yearlong with a few great pairs of sunglasses, especially classic black or brown shades.

a group of women wear black or brown shades


You might even opt for investment pieces from a specialty retailer to get some guidance on understanding your face shape and can usually go back for fittings and readjustments too. (Get your money’s worth!)

Also, funky shades, whether heart-shaped, neon, or both, bring year-round fun and offer a wow factor. Check out Target, Forever 21, and TJ Maxx for these options.

sunglasses display with many colors


Wrap it Up

Scarves are another timeless accessory. They give you a license to be endlessly inventive, tying them around you in a variety of ways. Incorporate solids and patterns, light ones and thick ones. Consistently, sunny Florida residents can get away with lighter options because there are only about six weeks of cold weather demanding a scarf for actual warmth.

woman wearing scarf with pom pom multicolored edges

If you live among the rest of the world, stretch your dollars by finding ones in solid prints with a tinge of glitter running through or pretty designs added on the end, such as tassels. But guess what? A lightweight scarf with a darling pattern can easily pull double duty — throw that scarf around a purse strap and doll up a plain Jane bag anytime.


Show a Leg!

young woman in blue leggings

Tights and leggings are showstoppers and work wonderfully year-round. Don’t be afraid of colors, textures, or any untried designs. Take this challenge and you will see the value in this investment. Be aware of cleaning procedures for these items and watch how one season’s leggings can transition into another.

woman seated in red leggings

There are many retailers who sell these now, so shop around for the best deal and style that speak directly to you.


Fancy Footwork

The last stop for this topic would be the area that keeps us moving from shop to boutique to shop again: le feet. There’s an expression that goes, “so many shoes, so little time.”

(Fashionistas beg to differ.)

However, there are some key options that serve a girl well without breaking her bank account. Depending on your line of work or preference, think ballet flats and pumps. These two staples can easily work year round. To make the most of your budget, it’s wise to have solid shades, but you also need some edgier options. An added toe or heel cap, either in metallic or two-tone shades, on any shoe speaks gorgeous.

red shoe with gold toe tip scarlet rose on the toe

This red shoe adds subtle gold accents on the toe tip and inside the bow’s folds.

Also, embellishments of jewels, stones, or other flair keep you moving from summer to fall easily. Test-drive some options to find what works.


As always, enjoy the hunt for the best deals with the most versatility. Remember to maximize your fashion buys!


All images courtesy of Flickr.
Sunglasses on display image by Simon Thomas
Group sunglasses portrait by In This Fleeting Moment
Red leggings photo by Sean J. Connolly
Blue leggings photo by Henry Spencer
DIY pom pom scarf photos by Stacie Stacie Stacie
Red pumps with gold trim photo by Andrea Rinaldi
Metallic stilettos photo by Maegan Tintari
Black and white flats photo by Thrifty Store (also see Katrina’s Clothing)


Megan HydeAbout the Author:

From a young age, journalist Megan Hyde has had a strong passion for fashion. So much so that when she was four years old, her parents had to install a lock too high for her to keep her out of her closet four times a day for wardrobe changes. As the years have passed, writing and fashion have stayed a constant in this fashion enthusiast’s life and any opportunity to participate in either brings just as much happiness as the September issue of Vogue. Megan lives in the East Orlando area with her love Hunter, dogters Pepper & Roni, and spends far too much time indulging in magazines. A proud UCF Knight Alumnus, Megan is currently pursuing a Masters in New Media Journalism and enjoying her life in The City Beautiful.


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