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Z by Zevarra Brings Plus Size Clothing with Sex Appeal

by Donna Reid

In plus size fashion, accentuating and figure-enhancing clothing isn’t often an option. LaKisha Livingston-Brown, a former plus size model and Mrs. San Diego 2013, identified this void in designs accessible to curvy women and dreamt of having an affordable luxury lifestyle brand that compliments a plus size woman’s curves.

Mrs. Livingston-Brown’s fashion passion was delayed when having a more secured future for her family meant working in software development after obtaining her Computer Science degree. Her passion remained, however, and ultimately Z by Zevarra (pronounced “zee-var-ra”) was born.

two Z by Zevarra prototype designs: a dress and a pencil skirt w/cropped blouse

two Z by Zevarra prototype designs: sheer dress and asymmetrical dress


Although she was busy with the launch of her website and the Z by Zevarra brand debuts at Haute Curves LAFW, she took a moment to respond to DOFW.

DOFW: What does debuting at the Haute Curves LAFW mean to you as a fashion brand for curvy women?

Livingston-Brown: It’s honestly a dream come true. I was an attendee last year and I became truly inspired by the show and the producers who put on the show. My new lifestyle fashion brand represents the confident curvy woman.


DOFW: Is Z by Zevarra a grand opening or a reinvention of your brand?

Livingston-Brown: It’s actually a “Grand Opening’ of my site/store and the launch of my new brand.


She also commented on how far plus size women’s fashion has come:

“I believe it is getting there and becoming more mainstream as it should be, especially with some amazing new indie brands in the marketplace now. As a plus woman myself I know what was missing in the current marketplace and it is my goal to provide fashion that is currently on trend. Based on my shopping experiences, quite a bit of plus size merchandise is created based on styles that are on the tail end of the current trends.”


DOFW: What type of fashion do you offer for curvy women?

Livingston-Brown: Z by Zevarra offers the fashionable curvy woman versatility and elegance with a range of beautifully crafted styles to suit every occasion at affordable prices.


Visit the Z by Zevarra Facebook page and her new website (it’s under construction, but you can leave your email address for updates).


Prototype design images: source

Event photo: source


headshot of Donna Reid -- ForeverserenityAbout the Author:

Donna (aka Foreverserenity) is a wife, mother of three, and grandmother of one. She loves to write and blogs about fashion, lifestyle, her fitness quest, culture, poetry, and music. She’s on Twitter as @foreverserenity, has over 50 boards on Pinterest, and blogs at d-foreverserenity.com, fabulouslycurvy.blogspot.com and serenitybeginnersprose.blogspot.com. She considers herself to be an independent thinker, living randomly in life’s moments.



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